4 steps to set your password

located on the upper-right hand side on the screen’s navigation bar

1. Select LOGIN

From the asld.org navigation menu, find the link to login or reset your password

Or, create a new account — if you’re new, start here and follow registration steps by filling in required account information.

2. Enter your email

Enter the email address on your ASLD account. If they do not match, you will be prompted to create a new account. 

Usernames and other settings can be changed under “My Account” options once you’re logged in.

3. Answer your email 

We depend on your current email account to verify your account. We ask you to update this information to keep your account current and secure.

4. Pick a password

  • 8 characters or more
  • numbers
  • letters
  • capital letters
  • punctuation symbols

Make it memorable, but hard to guess…

Tips for creating strong passwords

  • Think of a silly phrase. Make it something you’ll remember and keep to yourself.
  • Substitute numbers to look like letters, or use symbols to stand in for parts of your phrase
  • Mix numbers and letters with at least 1 extra special character
  • Minimum 8 characters, best if more than 12

Registration staff cannot retrieve your username or password. But, we can help verify the email on your account. Call or visit the registration office to get help.