Studio Atelier

AT-EL-IER: adl-yā/ | noun | A workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer. Work alongside established professional artists in a small focused setting.

Architectural Book Project


Ability: All

A flat sheet of paper, when it is folded, has three dimensions and can define its surrounding space as inside or outside. The idea of interiority and exteriority will be explored as a group, and participants will be applying their interpretation to develop an architectural book project, by the end of the workshop. Starting from a simple accordion structure, additional folding and cutting will result in multiple sides or spaces for images or texts to be incorporated.

Friday–Sunday, Mar 8–10 from 9am-4pm
$250 per person for 3-day workshop

Dimensional Drawing:

Collage and Mixed Media


Ability: All

Students will explore the materials and textures of drawing, collage and mixed media within the grown up version of a pop-up book. Using a variety of materials, you will create diverse and intricate images that will pop out of two dimensional surfaces only to fold back into a book format. Experimentation, a love of textures and colors as well as a fascination with pop-up books and collage are the only requirements you will need.

Friday–Saturday, Apr 26–27 from 9am-4pm
$200 per person for 3-day workshop
Materials Fee: $10