AT-EL-IER: adl-yā/ | noun | A workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer. Work alongside established professional artists in a small focused setting.

Painting Techniques: Contemporary Landscapes
Ability: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Join David Shingler for a four-day workshop inspired broadly by the dramatic landscape of the West, all the way to the cotton fields and ocean vistas of the East coast.

July 19-22 |Wednesday-Saturday, 9AM-4PM
$280 for 4-day workshop, $336 for non-members

“When I paint, I aim to capture the natural feeling of the subject so that people feel as if ‘they are there’ when they look at the finished piece. I believe the lack of control in my work is psychologically stimulated from the overload of structure in my childhood years. I have always had the need to feel free and painting this way is conducive to that need for flexibility.”

Decommissioned Paintings: A Structural Approach To Your Work
Ability: Intermediate, Advanced 
This three-day workshop includes an orienting presentation followed by a morning exploration in the near neighborhoods to photograph structure-based subject matter.
Aug 3-5 | Thursday-Saturday, 9AM-4PM
$210 for 3-day workshop, $252 for non-members

“Painting allows us to re-view our environment. We get to choose a two-dimensional version that is our vision. Choices of color and composition are experienced both viscerally and consciously.”

ANNA ROSE BAIN is a fine art oil painter and commissioned portrait artist based in Denver, CO. Her paintings often depict people in peaceful settings or places that evoke happiness. She especially loves painting women and children, and seeks to convey all of her subjects with honesty and sensitivity.

New! Capturing Soul & Spirit: Alla Prima Portraits in Oil
Ability: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
This Atelier workshop will focus on painting beautiful portraits from life. We will discuss the ways to capture a likeness using gesture,
form, edges, values, and clean color. There will be an instructed demonstration each morning, followed by one-on-one instruction in the afternoon. Anna’s approach to painting the portrait is alla prima, or all at once, and will include a special emphasis on painting hands in Session 3. Whether you are new to painting portraits or an advanced artist looking to overcome a creative plateau, she will be able to spur you forward in your artistic journey.

Thursday-Saturday, Sept 14-16 | 9AM-4PM
$300 for 3-day workshop, $350 for non-members