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The ASLD Board of Directors has just completed the organization's five-year strategic plan. Read an overview of the plan that will guide ASLD through our next five years. 

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We offer a variety of programs for adults
interested in enriching their lives as artists.

We offer classes for all abilities, from beginners to working professional artists. The Art Students League is your retreat from the outside world; a space where you can enrich your life through the study of art.

Summer Catalog
(May-August 2014)

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Spring Catalog
(January-May 2014)
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Dynamically filter classes with your preferred criteria
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Class Search Tool. 

Check Out Our Brand New Courses

From brand new faculty to different approaches in your favorite media, we have 16, never-before offered courses to help you find your muse. Look for the "NEW" icon in the catalog or click here for a listing of our 16 new courses. 


For members, most classes and workshops are available for online registration. Non-members must register for a class by visiting or calling our main office. We accept payment by check, cash, Visa, or MasterCard.  PLEASE NOTE: Beginning August 1, 2014 with our Fall 2014 course offerings, non-members will be able to register for course online.


An annual membership with the Art Students League of Denver is available to those who wish to join our community. Your tax-deductible membership helps us provide an inclusive and inspiring art community, maintain our historic building and support artists. Find more information on membership benefits and join online through our Membership page.

Member vs. Nonmember pricing. If you wish to join our community, by purchasing a membership, you will receive discounted pricing for both Ongoing Classes and Workshops. Non-members are welcome to register for Ongoing Classes and Workshops paying a higher registration fee. 


Materials & Supplies

Most of our classes and workshops require students to provide their own supplies. Supply lists can be downloaded for each class and workshop within the individual class listings in the Search for Classes.

Ongoing Classes & Workshops

Ongoing classes are designed to provide students the opportunity for continuous learning in an open, individualized studio environment. New students are welcome at any time unless otherwise noted. To fit your schedule, members may prorate ongoing classes by registering for the specific dates they wish to attend each month.  PLEASE NOTE: Beginning August 1, 2014, we are changing the structure of our Ongoing Classes starting with our Fall course offerings and going forward.  Rather than as monthly classes, we will offer Ongoing Classes "per class date" with a "per class date" fee.  You must select the specific dates you will attend when you register for Ongoing Classes.  Volume discount pricing for Ongoing Classes is available to both members and non-members.  Discounts will be applied when registering for four or more class dates within a single transaction.  Class dates may span more than one month.

Workshops provide an in-depth class experience and are offered for a finite period. Students enrolling for a workshop are required to pay for all scheduled classes at the time of registration. Workshops cannot be prorated.


Interested in a class? Come check it out.

Observe any of our ongoing classes to see which one is right for you. Speak to the instructor, get a feel for his/her teaching style, and observe the learning environment. Please call the main office to schedule a class observation.  PLEASE NOTE:  Class observation is not available for Workshops.


Payment Options

A payment plan is available for any workshop which has a member price of $250 or more. All payment plan registrations include an additional $15 bookkeeping fee per program. All payment plan payments must be made on your credit card and begin with an initial $125 payment. The balance will be charged automatically 35 days later. Please note that this does not apply for ongoing classes or summer camp. Contact the main office at 303-778-6990 for details or to register.


Scholarships are awarded to low-income adults and children when funds are available from generous donors and foundations. Please visit or contact the main office for information about applying for a scholarship.

Guide to Student Ability Levels

Students have limited or no experience in the fundamentals of art or in a specific art medium.

Students have a good foundation in the fundamentals of art including the principles of design and composition, and a level of proficiency in the technical aspects of a given medium.

Students have technical mastery of a given medium and the fundamentals of art, and are interested in cultivating and exploring a personal aesthetic.

All Levels
Students from experienced beginners to advanced will have individualized instruction within the given structure and definition of the class. A range of student abilities will be represented.

We're Flexible!

Our unique prorate option for ongoing classes (not workshops) allows members to register only for the dates that fit their schedule. More information and pricing schedule here.

Class Cancellation & Refund Policy

No refunds, credits, or transfers will be issued for ongoing classes unless the League must cancel an ongoing class due to low enrollment, for which a 100% refund will be issued. A 75% refund will be issued for workshops only if a student cancels at least 14 days prior to the start of a workshop. Find more information and download refund request form here.

Figure Model Policy

Nude and clothed/costumed male and female figure models are used for study in some courses. No photography of nude models is permitted at any time, and photography of clothed/costumed models is permitted only in instructed classes after a photo release, signed by the model, faculty and students, has been submitted to the office. Please contact the office for more details on this policy and the use of models in particular classes and workshops at ASLD.

Art Educators: In-Service & Graduate Credit Available

In-service credit is available for most League courses. Teachers must complete 15 hours and submit a certificate signed by their instructor to the Colorado Dept. of Education. Forms can be obtained in the office.

Parking & Access

Parking is available in lots on the south side of the main building and north of the Annex, as well as along Grant Street and 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Please be aware of posted parking restrictions. ASLD is compliant with ADA regulations, with handicap parking and a ramp accessible from the south parking lot.

Student Contract

Enrolling at the Art Students League of Denver constitutes your agreement that the Art Students League of Denver cannot be held liable for any act or injury, illness, death, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may occur during the course of any program, including open studio time. Personal effects, artwork and art supplies are the students’ sole responsibility at all times. The League reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any program or terminate any student’s enrollment in the event of unreasonable or disruptive conduct or failing to follow the League’s policies and rules. Publicity waiver: Unless otherwise informed, ASLD considers photographs taken on-site of students, members, or their artwork to be permissible for publication in League promotional materials, including electronic formats.

Got questions? Contact us! We're happy to help!
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ASLD is an inclusive and inspiring art community where members of all abilities are guided by professional artists to reach their highest potential.

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