Studio Atelier

AT-EL-IER: adl-yā/ | noun | A workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer. Work alongside established professional artists in a small focused setting.

APRIL 26–27

Dimensional Drawing:

Collage and Mixed Media


Ability: All

Students will explore the materials and textures of drawing, collage and mixed media within the grown up version of a pop-up book. Using a variety of materials, you will create diverse and intricate images that will pop out of two dimensional surfaces only to fold back into a book format. Experimentation, a love of textures and colors as well as a fascination with pop-up books and collage are the only requirements you will need.

Friday–Saturday, Apr 26–27 from 9am–4pm
$200 per person for 2-day workshop
Materials Fee: $10

JUNE 23–24

Painting Emotionally:

Exploring the Portrait


Ability: Intermediate, Advanced

There are countless ways to approach paintings visually. Capturing clarity in our work can be confusing and unclear and at times, even allusive. This workshop will use a portrait model in a paint-along demo session to explore various ways to approach some of these visual ideas—narrowing the focus down to things that are essential to making clear, emotional statements. Students are encouraged to bring the materials they currently use in their artistic endeavors. Ron will work with each student in the afternoons offering individual help specific to their direction.

Saturday–Sunday, June 23–24 from 9am–4pm
$300 per person for 2-day workshop

"Rebel" HICKS

JULY 26–27

The Painter's Garden

Metier Limerick with Wild Flower Solar Etching with Chine Colle
"Limirick with Wild Flower" METIER


Ability: Intermediate, Advanced

This course, for experienced intermediate and advanced painters, will explore the garden in terms of personal meaning and interpretations of the subject. Focus will be on expressive use of color and the abstraction of shapes using watermedia and collage.

Friday-Saturday, July 26-27 from 10am–4:30pm
$300 per person for 2-day workshop
Materials Fee: $5

JULY 13–14

The Art of Crochet


Ability: All

Students will learn the art of crochet from a member of Denver’s own Ladies Fancywork Society—and while we might talk granny squares, this is not granny’s crochet. This course is great for people wanting to learn the basics of contemporary crochet or refresh and expand their skills. During the second day, the group will develop and execute a yarn bombing installation on the ASLD campus.

Saturday–Sunday, June 13–14 from 10am–4pm
$250 per person for 2-day workshop
Materials Fee: $15