Photo of mixed paint on a pallette

Thanks for a great year, Art Lovers!

The dark season is upon us! In cultures throughout the world this is a time for reflection, for gathering to celebrate with loved ones, and for resting in preparation for a new year. Life at 200 Grant Street is as busy as ever: we’re winding down our first session of full capacity courses after more than a year of limited offerings and gearing up for a year-long celebration of the ASLD community’s 35th anniversary in 2022. It’s been an exciting (and at times overwhelming!) year of rebuilding.


We recently learned that in 2020, revenue in the Denver arts sector fell by almost a billion dollars. This economic climate could have easily been the end of ASLD. But thanks to the support of our incredibly generous community, paired with timely relief funding from several foundations and government agencies, we’re on solid financial ground.


It is because of the entire ASLD community—YOU and all your people—that we remain inspired to keep offering art no matter what.  Your support encourages us to keep growing, to look toward the future and set our sights on the biggest dreams this community can imagine.


ASLD is many things to many people: that one old building in the neighborhood, that place where you met your best art friend, the studio where you found your creative side after a rough patch, the atelier where you study with your mentor. We are more than just a nonprofit in the hearts and minds of those who walk through the doors every day. We know this and we take it seriously.


So today we just want to say thank you. Thank you for showing up with your curiosity. Thank you for trusting us to be the place where you make art. Thank you for lending a hand when needed. Thank you for making ASLD an inspiring, beautiful, supportive place for artists.


Wishing you a warm and joyful season,

The ASLD Team