Open Figure Studies

$15 per session

Open Figure Study Policies​​​​​​​

• Current membership required. Please login to confirm your membership, or purchase/renew yours to join a session.
You must register BEFORE the session begins.
• Entry and exit is allowed only during specified break times. Studio doors will be kept locked except during break times to respect the model’s privacy and avoid disturbing their poses.
• Sign in on the enrollment sheet.
• No Photography Allowed. Keep all electronic devices put away and turned to Do Not Disturb mode during a figure study session.
You must follow all COVID-19 guidelines for the duration of the session.
• Always show respect to the model, the session monitor, all equipment, the space and your fellow students. See below for further guidelines on model etiquette.

Open Figure Study etiquette is based on respect for the model. With this in mind, please adhere to the following guidelines:
Do not touch the model or invade their personal space in any way. Keeping 5-6 feet of distance is a good rule of thumb.
Photographs are not allowed. Do not ask the model if you can take a picture.
Keep digital devices inactive and put away while model is in a pose.
Do not talk to the model when they are modeling.
Do not make comments about the model’s appearance, body or gender.
Poses are determined by the model with input from the instructor. Please do not offer suggestions or give direction to the model.
Do not ask the model personal questions AT ANY TIME, such as their last name, where they live or about their personal relationships.
​​​​​​​Any questions relating to the model should be directed toward the instructor or class monitor.