Virtual Fundraiser


This virtual showcase brings together artists from all corners of the Art Students League of Denver community, from faculty to students and members.

2020 has been a challenging year for ASLD; the pandemic brought a steep and unexpected decline in course revenue. Our community artists have come together and donated works in order to raise funds for ASLD.

Help us close the gap in our budget while growing your art collection!

This event is being managed by the ASLD Board of Directors.  Questions should be addressed to the Showcase committee at

Wendy Forster with artwork

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES – Please read before donating to the Showcase!

  • While we normally split proceeds from artwork sales with the artist, because of our current circumstances we are asking that you donate a piece to us outright. If your piece does not sell, you are welcome to pick it up or donate the item to ASLD for use in a future event.
  • To participate in the Showcase you must have a direct connection to ASLD. You can be a past or present member of the faculty, Visiting Artist, student, or member.  As part of the sign-up process we will ask about your connection and what ASLD means to you.
  • We ask that you price your piece. Since we will have a full range of participants from faculty to students, we expect that there will be a wide range of prices and that is great! However, please make sure that if you are gallery represented you are not underpricing your work to the detriment of your other markets.
  • The Showcase will run from November 9th through December 19th. We will be marketing this event in part as a holiday gift sale, so we are looking for smaller pieces that will be more affordable.
  • This will be an online event so it is possible that we will have to ship sold pieces. Smaller-sized pieces will be easier for us to ship if necessary.  We are hoping that most people will be able to pick up their pieces in person, but please help us by dropping off your work in packaging that would be suitable to ship your work to its new home.
  • If you don’t have small works and are unable to create a new piece in time, we will accept other sizes, but please do not donate works that will be too large to ship easily.
  • Artwork must be delivered to ASLD (200 Grant St, Denver, CO 80203) by Friday, October 23rd. Please make sure to include a label with the piece that includes your name and its title/description so we can match it to your online application.
  • ASLD reserves the right to decide which pieces are included in the showcase (i.e. if a piece does not meet our needs or your submission is missing information). We will contact you after your submission with more details if this is the case.
  • We want to celebrate and promote all the wonderful artists who are a part of ASLD! To do this we will need your photo, an artist bio which highlights your relationship to ASLD, and a link to where people can find more of your work (i.e. links to galleries where your work is represented, your website, etc.). We want to promote your work through this event!
  • Please provide us with high-quality photos of your work. For two-dimensional pieces one photo is sufficient.  For 3-dimensional pieces you can add more photos to show your work from different sides.  Photos must be less than 3 MB in size.  You can look at our delecTABLE 2020 Exhibition to get a better sense of what we need for the Showcase.
  • If you are unable to provide a good photo of your work, please indicate that on the application form. We have a volunteer who will be able to take photos.  Your work will have to be delivered to ASLD by October 9th if it needs to be photographed.
  • We hope that you will help us promote this event by sharing the details with your networks. We will be preparing promotional links that can be shared via social media, so stay tuned!