We’re proud to employ more than 100 artists who represent a broad range of backgrounds and media.


Jenna Almond Williams Youth Courses
Ali Alzobaede Painting
Cathy Avram Ceramics
Deborah Bays Painting
Faatma Be Oné Mixed Media
Sara Behling Ceramics
SA Bennett Drawing
Rick Brogan Drawing
Julia Brown Youth Courses
Judith Cassel-Mamet Mixed Media
Mitch Caster Drawing
Chuck Ceraso Painting
Raj Chaudhuri Painting
Lorenzo Chavez Painting
Robin Cole Painting
Bethany Conrad Youth Courses
Emeka Cook Painting
Liz Covert Jewelry
Doug Dawson Painting
Dianne Denholm Fiber Arts
Will Dickenson Painting/Drawing
Ruby Dorchester Glass Art
Christian Dore Painting/Drawing
Michael Dowling Painting/Drawing
Greg Dye Painting
Viktor El Saieh Painting
Victoria Eubanks Encaustics
Joshua Fallik Painting/Drawing
Ashley ‘Z’ Farrell Teen Studio Night
Jo Fitsell Mixed Media
Karmen Franklin Youth Courses
Mark Friday Screenprinting/Assemblage
Dianna Fritzler Cold Wax/Encaustics
Jennifer Ghormley Mixed Media/Printmaking
Dean Goss Ceramics
Rob Gratiot Painting
Steve Griggs Painting
Kristin Gruenberger Ceramics
Theresa Haberkorn Woodcut Printmaking
John R Hamilton III Ceramics
Kim Harrell Jewelry
Jack Heimerman Ceramics
Kit Hernandez Youth Courses
Joe Higgins Printmaking
Lynn Hull Ceramics
Mamiko Ikeda Mixed Media
Homare Ikeda Abstract Painting
Deborah Jang Assemblage/Mixed Media
Jane Jones Oil Painting
Sandra Kaplan Painting
Andrea Kemp Painting
Kate Kennedy Painting
Michael Keyes Printmaking
Gayla Lemke Ceramics
Mark Lunning Printmaking
Max Maddox Drawing
Kristina Maldonado Bad Hand Youth Courses
Amy Marsh Painting
Simone Maxwell Youth Courses
Keith McConnell Ceramics
Xavier McGee Youth Courses
Pam McLaughlin Watercolor Painting
Patty Moncada Youth Courses
Sylvia Montero Youth Courses
Elayne Moseley Youth Courses
Emily Moyer Youth Courses
Aaryn Munson-Price Youth Courses
Vicky Nolan Fiber Arts
Mikael Olson Painting
Tony Ortega Pastels/Youth Courses
Mia Paterson Youth Courses
Dennis Pendleton Watercolor Painting
Karl Poulson Teen Courses
Kim Putnam Painting
Todd Redmond Ceramics
Victoria Regina Millinery
Anita Rodriguez-Harman Youth Courses
Karen Roehl Abstract Painting
Adriana Rondon-Rivero Youth Courses
Deb Rosenbaum Drawing/Printmaking
Katie Russell Youth Courses
Judith Scott Painting
Jackie Scott Fiber Arts
Dea Shea Sculpture
Allison Sheldon Fiber Arts
Janey Skeer Ceramics
Vicky Smith Ceramics
Jen Starling Youth Courses
Clyde Steadman Painting
Patrick Stephenson Sculpture
Zoe Tessier Photography
Mark Thompson Egg Tempera
Aidan Tunnell Youth Courses
David van Buskirk Fiber Arts
Rita Vali Ceramics
Jeff Wenzel Ceramics/Abstract Painting
Grant Williams Drawing/Printmaking
Penny Woolsey Youth Ceramics

W.A.G.E. Certification is a national program initiated and operated by W.A.G.E. that publicly recognizes those nonprofit arts organizations demonstrating a history of, and commitment to, voluntarily paying artist fair fees and wages for their work. ASLD has been W.A.G.E certified since 2016.