Stories Behind the Artists

Benu Amun-Ra               Artwork by Benu Amun-Ra       

Benu Amun-Ra
Student and Parent of Quinn

How did you first get involved with ASLD and when?

I was first involved with ASLD in early 2019 to register my son in art classes to improve his basic art skills as he was getting ready to venture into creating his own graphic novel/comic book. I never would have thought that I would take classes with him but I had taken some art classes in high school and college so I was excited to sign up for classes with him. The basic drawing and sketching were wonderful classes to begin with.


How has ASLD shaped you as an artist?

Incredibly! Taking the classes improved my art skills tremendously! It also introduced me to local AND foreign artists through their visiting artist program. I was exposed to different mediums of art and networking with the other artists in the community. It is a valuable forum!


What faculty members have you taken courses with as ASLD?

Mamiko and Homare Ikeda, Dennis Pendleton, Susan DiMarchi, a few more


What do you like about the ASLD community?

The diversity and complete support for local artists as well as exposing our community to other artists outside of our area. I thoroughly enjoy the visiting artists program and get excited EVERYTIME to see a new form of art expression. I also appreciate the sustainability goals of ASLD and the history they preserve through their activities like the building in which they are housed.


Anything else you want to share with us?

ASLD is an amazing organization. They work tirelessly to bring beauty and art into our world especially at a time when the world is seeing the ugly side of a pandemic. They expand and cultivate the art community by providing a space for diversity, equity and inclusion, which I love. It is because of this, that they will always be a champion in the art community. They are an exhaustible resource of ultimate creativity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Life would not be as bearable without you.