Photo of someone dancing with a large floral arrangement covering most of their body and seeming to grow up out of the frame.


A culminating exhibit of resident Natalia Roberts’ time at ASLD

Exhibition Dates: June 16-July 16, 2023

Location: Art Students League of Denver, 200 Grant St.

Opening Reception: Friday, June | 5:30-8:30PM

Between Waking & Dreaming is influenced by Natalia Roberts’ background as a professional dancer, her training as an architect, her political heritage, and her obsession with surrealism. In her first photography exhibit, Natalia introduces us to members of Denver’s dance community through an exploration of strength, loneliness, absurdity and love by way of the human body: dark bodies, light bodies, cis and non-binary bodies…

Some of these bodies are returning to dance, others are on the verge of leaving dance forever. Some of these bodies are graduating high school, while others are apprentices and professionals.  This is an exhibition about the emotional and physical process of making art as much as it is about the art itself. It explores the beauty of our common humanity and, in the surrealist tradition, lives in the space between waking and dreaming.