Members of our Creative Spark program secure the future of ASLD by providing sustainable, ongoing gifts.

A couple smile for the camera underneath an umbrella with Havana in the background

“We appreciate how ASLD helps develop appreciation for the visual arts through their classroom experiences and events. Monthly giving with scheduled auto-payments makes it easy to meet your gift intentions – no need to remember or forget!”

Creative Spark members Andy & Jodi, pictured above
Creative Spark Logo

Why become a Creative Spark Member?

  • Ease & convenience of donating
  • Provides ASLD a reliable source of income
  • Small gifts today = big impact tomorrow
  • Your gift today immediately supports our day-to-day operation
  • Recurring gifts help us weather unpredictable storms
  • You join a group of art lovers and learners who believe in the transformative power of art

Members of Creative Spark receive:

  • ASLD button
  • Invitations to special events
  • Unique “Creative Spark” print given out in August during ASLD’s anniversary