In October, ASLD was accepted into the Fall 2020 Nonprofit Endowment Cohort at Rose Community Foundation. As a result, ASLD was awarded a matching gift of $10,000 to kick start our endowment investment. With your support, we are ready to begin building for the future! Consider an endowment gift today and demonstrate why art matters to you.

A young child constructs a fairy house with popsicle sticks, pinecones, pom poms, and more.

When you give to ASLD’s endowment fund:

  • Secures & expands ASLD’s future
  • Funds from the endowment are carefully invested to grow over time into a much larger pool of money
  • Provides long-term stability for unforeseeable changes and disruptions
  • Allows us to provide more opportunities for artists in the future
  • Ensures our standing as a leader in the Denver arts community
Special thanks to
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