Being a member of ASLD allows you access to open studios to create on your own time.

FREE for ASLD members

ASLD provides —

  • tables
  • easels

You will need to bring all other supplies —

  • paper/canvas
  • drawing/painting supplies
  • towels
  • mineral spirits

Members may come work in any studio that is not reserved, any time during ASLD’s business hours. Registration is not required but members should sign in at the Registration Desk before setting up in a studio. Open studio availability depends on how many programs we have running on any given day, so please call to check availability before coming to work in open studio!

The location of general open studio may change depending on which studios are available. Check in at the Registration Desk when you arrive to learn which studio is open. Please respect open studio hours, and allow ample time for clean-up.


Certification is not required for general open studio use.


Keep things clean! Clean studios are everyone’s responsibility, especially if you choose to work independently. Our students and faculty depend on a clean and organized space so that everyone can maximize their creative time.

Please help us keep our studios ready for the next student group by returning all equipment and tools to their designated places after use, and always wipe down and sweep work areas. Thank you!