Stories Behind the Artists

Photo of Kenneth Brewer with his artwork

Kenneth Brewer

How did you first get involved with ASLD and when?
In 2002, I was at home recovering from hip replacement surgery.  Daytime TV was losing its luster, so I went to the library and rented out video documentaries of art and artists.  As a result, I became more and more interested in taking a class.  So after I was able to walk again, I signed up for a couple classes at Colorado Free University when it was located on Colfax.  After the last class, I asked the instructor if there were places that I could continue learning about art.  The instructor recommended the Art Student league.  So in the summer, I took a one-day Summer Sampler session and decided that I wanted to continue taking classes at ASLD.  So that’s how it all began.

How has ASLD shaped you as an artist?
ASLD has allowed me to explore art in many different ways.  Not only has it taught me to draw and paint, it has given me the opportunity to grow at my own pace.  It has allowed me to have access to incredible artists on an ongoing basis to learn from them and get mentorship from them.  ASLD has given me the space to decide how deeply I want to go as an artist.  

What faculty members have you taken courses with as ASLD?
Joshua Fallik, Jean Shiff, Ken Valastro, John linciki, Rob Gratiot, Mitch Castor, Rick Brogan, Michael Gadlin, Mark Friday, Jeff Wenzel, Zoe Tessier

What do you like about the ASLD community?
I like the openness of the members, instructors and faculty at ASLD.  I find that ASLD is very supportive of my efforts to be an artist and to grow as an artist and a person.  I very much appreciate the instruction and mentorship that I have received from the instructors and fellow classmates over the years.