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Mami Yamamoto
Student and Printroom Monitor


How did you first get involved with ASLD and when?
It was September 2014 when I first signed up for a monotype printmaking class and Joe Higgins was my instructor.  I immediately became a member of ASLD.

How has ASLD shaped you as an artist?
My first class with Joe was excellent and it was exactly what I needed as a beginner.  I learned the basic skills for monotype printmaking along with the etiquette for the studio use.  Joe could always find something positive to say about each student’s work regardless of where they were in their career.  He also showed us so many “non-traditional” materials to use in order to develop our creativity and I was greatly inspired by those instructions.  This very first class that I took certainly gave me motivation and encouragement to continue printmaking.  Additionally since I do not have my own etching press at home, the accessibility to the open studio has tremendously helped me to create my work throughout the year.

What faculty members have you taken courses with at ASLD?
Joe Higgins for basic monotype, Mark Lunning for other areas of basic printmaking skills, Theresa Haberkorn for woodblock printmaking, Mark Friday for screen printing, and Tony Ortega for monotype on black paper.

What do you like about the ASLD community?
ASLD is an unique learning community where any adult, as well as younger age groups, can learn very basic to advanced skills in various art mediums.  What I like about the ASLD community is the accessibility to all classes without having a sense of intimidation or pressure.  Many of the instructors that I know are professionals in their fields and they teach at ASLD on a regular basis.  The school administrators are very friendly and helpful for needs and other issues that the students might encounter.  The atmosphere at ASLD is so down to earth and has maintained such a sense of community as a whole ever since I stepped in the door the first time.

Anything else you want to share with us?
ASLD is a great learning environment if you are interested in exploring your artistic abilities. There are many events and shows you can be involved in throughout the year and the annual Summer Art Market is the best outdoor art show in which you can participate in Denver!