Call for Artwork through Colorado Metalsmithing Association

Exhibition Dates: September 27-October 25, 2024

Location: Art Students League of Denver, 200 Grant St.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 27 | 5:30-8:00PM

Call for Entry: TBD

Artwork Dropoff: September 14-18

METALmorphosis: The Art of Transformation is a show highlighting the amazing qualities of metal in its many forms. Creating with a sheet of silver, an ingot of gold, or steel wire, through process and repetition, is a transformative experience and requires an attention from the artist that is unique to the field of metals.

The objective of this exhibit is to explore and interpret the art of metalsmithing through the process of intricate transformation. Show us your metallurgy, raising, soldering, reticulation, welding, forging, brazing, casting, stamping, chasing and repoussé, electroplating, etching, hydroforming, electroplating, etc.

In partnership with the Colorado Metalsmithing Association (CoMA), ASLD invites artists to participate in an open call for entry. The entry fee of $15 will apply to all artists submitting work who are not current members of CoMA, though all Colorado metalsmiths are invited to submit work! Join CoMA and submit work to this show and others for free.