Online Registration—Search and Add Classes

Tips & tricks to search for classes online, add them to your cart, and checkout

Please note that some classes are call-to-register only and are not available for online registration.

In a nutshell, this article shows you steps to register online.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Verify all your contacts
  3. Return to the Search screen
  4. Use the filters to narrow search results *Hint for Youth
  5. (a) Select and (b) confirm your classes *Hint for Summer Camps
  6. Checkout

You may need to CREATE AN ACCOUNT or RESET YOUR PASSWORD if you haven’t logged in.

If you are registering for someone else on your account, e.g. your child, guest, spouse or family/friend, go to “My Account” management options and scroll to select the “Contacts” tab. This will show a list of associated contacts.

Manage your contacts from here. Select the “Edit Contact” icon to see options for these users on your account. You can allow users to register themselves, and give them a unique login username and password.

After everyone is confirmed, check on everyone’s membership status, or renew your membership to receive membership discounts on tuition and other benefits.


Select yourself or the student who will be taking the class. Or, add a new contact from this menu.

Use the filter options on the left-hand sidebar to narrow down options. Use the Medium and Instructor options for faster search results.

If you’re still having trouble finding something, try using our AT-A-GLANCE catalog to find instructor names and links to specific course descriptions.


Our search options are very limited, we know. We’re still working things out.

We’ve created a “Youth & Teen” category under the “Medium” search menu. This special search category narrows results based on the student’s age.

If you still experience problems, call our registration staff to get help.

Select any additional items, if any, in the pop-up menu options window before completing your registration.


SUPERVISED CARE – a pop-up window will appear with additional options for supervised care.

Scroll through all the options in the pop-up options window before completing your registration.

For supervised care, we offer AM – NOON – PM options for the week. One option, such as the most common Noon hour, is $30. If you choose all three, it’s $90 for the week your child is enrolled in summer camp.

Select AM, Noon Hour, or PM sessions. Choose quantity = 1 for each child per session for the week.
Scroll to find AM – Noon – PM supervised care sessions. 


If you have questions about supervised care options, please call and talk to our registration staff.

Scroll to pick each supervised care session you would like to add, or leave empty and continue to your shopping cart.


Read and agree to the Terms of Use and Continue to checkout and pay.

If you have questions about payment, please contact our registration staff, or reach out by email to Katie Johnson, Registration Supervisor.