We’re excited to welcome students back for Printmaking Open Studio! We have some new guidelines in place to keep our community safe. See our full COVID-19 updates here.


Join our enthusiastic community of printers and get access to various presses and equipment to create on your own time.

$15 per day

ASLD provides —

  • etching press
  • drying racks
  • light tables
  • UV exposure box

You will need to bring all other supplies —

  • paper
  • ink
  • towels
  • newsprint
  • mineral spirits

Students registered for printmaking open studio time are able to use the printroom any time from 9am-5pm (Mon-Thurs) or 9am-4pm (Fri-Sun) ONLY on the days they are registered for open studio.  Instructor approval  is required.

There will be NO REFUNDS for open studio time.

Printmaking open studio is located on the 2nd level of the main building in the southeast corner classroom. Please respect open studio hours, and allow ample time for clean-up.

  • Current membership required. Please login to confirm your membership, or purchase/renew yours to join a session.
  • Faculty must certify a student to use print room open studio hours. A signed and dated Printmaking Open Studio Certification Form is kept on file in the Registration Office.
  • Sign-in and sign-out at the Registration Office and the Print Room each time you use open studio.
  • Members who wish to use open studio must attend at least one printmaking course annually and renew certification yearly with a faculty member.

To be certified, you must demonstrate to print room faculty member(s) that you are capable of setting up, cleaning up, and safely using the print room equipment with no supervision. Faculty will provide feedback on areas for growth if you do not yet qualify for certification.

Students may be certified for specific equipment and techniques only (e.g. you may be approved for screenprinting, but not intaglio, or vice versa), based on your experience and the faculty member with whom you are working.

Victoria Eubanks Encaustic at ASLD L1060696


Keep things clean! Clean studios are everyone’s responsibility, especially if you choose to work independently. Our students and faculty depend on a clean and organized space so that everyone can maximize their creative time.

Please help us keep our studios ready for the next student group by returning all equipment and tools to their designated places after use, and always wipe down and sweep work areas. Thank you!