Stories Behind the Artists

Bea DiRienzo smiles and holds up her artwork

FloraJane DiRienzo, parent &
Beatrice DiRienzo, student

How did you first get involved with ASLD and when?

We’ve been eagerly awaiting for our daughter to be old enough to attend summer camp at ASLD, we’ve been attending the Summer Art Market for the last ten years and knew it would be the perfect summer enrichment for Beatrice! We were absolutely thrilled that this would be her year to start! Of course the global pandemic changed everything, but we decided to keep our virtual Creature Buddies class with Bethany. Given our experience with remote learning we were very apprehensive. Bethany is a talented teacher and her creativity, thoughtful instruction and engaging personality shines right through the screen. Beatrice had the most amazing time during her week long virtual class and still talks about when will she participate again.


How has ASLD shaped you as an artist?

As a child we appreciated how ASLD helped guide the kids through a weeklong class focused on a similar theme, building in time for exploration, skill development and social emotional connection. We are looking forward to more classes so Bea’s artistry can grow! We have been looking for a creative outlet for her and ASLD feels like home to us!


What faculty members have you taken courses with as ASLD?

Bethany Conrad