Studio | Atelier with David van Buskirk: Tapestry Weaving and Design on a Frame Loom

David van Buskirk tapestry

Saturday–Sunday, Oct 17–18 2020 | 10AM–4PM

$280 per person

$238.75 for members

Beginner to Intermediate

Attendees will learn basic tapestry weaves on a simple frame loom made from a canvas stretcher and nails. On Day 1, attendees will make their loom, set up a 6” narrow warp to learn the basic weave structures for tapestry weaving. Every step in the process of warping and weaving will be demonstrated and weave diagrams will be passed out for reference. On Day 2, attendees will create a 12” wide warp. Using the weaves and techniques mastered the day before, students will weave a tapestry based on one of their inspirational images they brought with them.
The use of nontraditional materials will be discussed, and examples given.
Attendees are encouraged to bring their own yarns as well as nontraditional materials to create their final wall hanging.

About the Artist:

David van Buskirk is drawn to the act of making with his hands. The sensory experience of touching and manipulating yarns or fiber provides a serene place where he can live and thrive. The tactility and immediacy is reflected in the textures and surfaces of his designs.

As a weaver, he is always in collaboration with a loom. It is as important to him as the fiber materials he works with. The looms can be as complicated as an industrial jacquard or as simple as a weighted warp, a loom invented in the stone age.  Whether complex or simple, weaving requires a mechanism to create warp and weft, the structure on which his art is made. Van Buskirk enjoys how the warp and weft create a rigorous grid from which to work, providing structure for exploring color, pattern, and texture. His exacting but intuitive process allows for a playful cooperation between the elements of structure and spontaneity within his work. From these contradicting elements he creates works of beauty, decoration, and meaning.