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Timothy Standring

How did you first get involved with ASLD and when? 
Supporter for a number of years (2017 onwards?), and then I signed up for classes with Clyde Steadman last spring and followed with a number of sessions with Jane Jones.  Both are terrific instructors.

How has ASLD shaped you as an artist?
The instructors at the ASLD have given me superb professional advice and technical information about materials and techniques along with philosophical musings about the objects we are painting.

What faculty members have you taken courses with as ASLD?
Clyde Steadman and Jane Jones

What do you like about the ASLD community?
The sharing conviviality of the faculty, staff and other students.

Anything else you want to share with us?
 I was hesitant to sign up for online learning, but after doing so, found the sessions to be informative beyond expectations. The instructors are patient and responsive to all students regardless of their level of proficiency. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve grown as an artist from the instruction I’ve received from Clyde and Jane.