WHAM showcases the heart of the ASLD community, with more than 25 artist vendors working in a wide variety of media, all of whom are faculty and staff members.

Name Media
Behnaz Ahmadian Painting. Mixed Media
Emerson Alexander Fiber Arts
Natalie Anthone Ceramics
Faatma Be Oné Ceramics, Painting, Mixed Media
Nathan Beck Fiber Arts
SA Bennett Painting
Griffin Callahan Ceramics
Conner Choi Painting
Liz Covert Jewelry
Christian Dore Painting
Cal Duran Ceramics, Mixed Media
Eliza Eckley Fiber Arts
Victoria Eubanks Encaustic
Jennifer Ghormley Printmaking, Mixed Media
Jean Herman Fiber Arts
Guadalupe Hernandez Painting
Joe Higgins Printmaking
Deborah Jang Mixed Media
Brooks Luby Fiber Arts
Giuliana Maresca Fiber Arts
Alicia Marshall Fiber Arts
Kevin McMahon Ceramics
Michele Messenger Encaustic
Dennis Pendleton Painting
Judith Scott Mixed Media
Ashlae Shepler Photography
Ashe Thorne Sculpture