ASLD open studios painting

Open Studios are currently not available. We hope to resume in the future when we can do so safely. See our full COVID-19 updates here.

ASLD Open Studios

Access to studio space and time is one of many membership benefits.

Specific studio policies apply to different work areas, labs and studios, and some areas have restricted access. For your medium of choice, please review the following chart to find what fees and instructor approvals are required so you can enjoy open studio time.


no extra charge
  • Membership is required

  • Any open classroom with no active class

  • Instructor approval NOT required

  • Registration NOT required


monthly rate
$75 per month
  • Membership is required

  • Must enroll in at least one printmaking course per year

  • Instructor approval required. Release forms must be signed annually by ASLD faculty.


weekly course studio lab fee
$7.50 per week
  • Membership is required

  • Only available to students currently enrolled in active ceramics courses

  • Studio lab fees and materials fees are collected when you register

  • Access to studio only when no class is in session

  • No instructor approval required


per use rate
$15 per day
  • Membership is required

  • Prerequisite course required

  • Instructor approval required

  • Registration required

Clean Studio Policy

Keep things clean, folks! Clean studios are everyone’s responsibility, especially if you choose to work independently. Our students and faculty depend on a clean and organized space so that everyone can maximize their creative time.

Please help us keep our studios ready for the next student group by returning all equipment and tools to their designated places after use, and always wipe down and sweep work areas. Thank you!


Safety at ASLD

At ASLD we believe that art shouldn’t be a hazard to your health. We’ve worked with local health professionals to create Safe Art guidelines. All students should be familiar with these guidelines and be prepared to follow them during both class and open studio time.