Heinrich Toh is a printmaker whose many-layered work considers the past, present, and notions of relocation.

Photo of Heinrich Toh sitting in front of one of his pieces


March 24, 2022 | 6 – 7:30PM

Artist Heinrich Toh combines printmaking techniques including collagraphs, monotypes, and paper-lithography to create unique, one-of a kind works that explore themes of memory and familiarity. He is inspired by images and themes from his cultural heritage and his travels.

Join Toh for an artist talk on his sources of inspiration and artistic process.

WORKSHOP: Paper Lithography – the Layered Image

March 25-27, 2022

Unlike many styles of printmaking, this workshop will focus on creating one-off pieces (rather than editions) using the versatile process of paper lithography. Students will utilize applications of the transfer of imagery, with inked toner-based copies as the plate, while printing on an etching press.


This process encourages students to explore and further challenge the use of imagery from their own photographs and drawings. Students are invited to experiment with working from a photographic, painterly or collage approach with the goal of creating the layered monoprint.


We will also incorporate a variety of materials and methods to create depth and space between backgrounds and foregrounds with texture, mark making, brushstrokes, shape and pattern. Balancing process, play and content while building layers using color, composition to create dialog and further define your personal aesthetic.


Ability: All welcome, though some printmaking experience is recommended

Print by Heinrich Toh
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