Photo of Kalliopi Monoyios

Kalliopi Monoyios

“Over the years, I’ve taken short courses with Martha Russo, Chris Perez, Jennifer Ghormly, and Beth Cavener which were very informative and inspiring. I’ve used tips I learned from each of these talented artists in my work and I’m grateful for their generosity of spirit..”

Photo of Holly-Kai Hurd

Holly-Kai Hurd

“I never stated specifically what I wanted to do here beyond teaching, but I’ve always felt our relationship is a little magic because the things they’ve approached me about being involved in have always been things that are exactly my THING.”

Photo of Doug Dawson

Doug Dawson

“The league was intended to be a place were master artists could share their knowledge, skill and craft.  Academic degrees don’t matter.  Teachers are sought who have mastered their art and who could pass that knowledge on to others.”

Deborah Jang during an Art in Prison workshop

Deborah Jang, Mixed Media Faculty

“I’ve also participated as a faculty member and have especially valued ASLD’s commitment to community engagement teaching opportunities (in non-pandemic times): the Art in Prison program at the women’s detention center in Aurora, at the libraries through the PLAZA program, with seniors at Barney Ford Heights in Five Points, and with veterans through the River Deep program.”